Drone Showreel

For those of you who may or may not know I purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Standard near the end of 2015. I bought this drone almost off a whim as I just wanted to see what the landscape and places that I traveled to looked like from a new and different perspective.

Since I bought this drone I have attempted to take it with me whenever I travel or go hiking. It is more difficult to bring than my DSLR. Whilst its lighter it is just very bulky to carry around, and whilst I have a backpack for it, it has taken some getting used to. But that being said the shots that I have been able to get with this machine have been unparalleled.

The following video above is a compilation of some of the best footage that I have been able to obtain in the last 6 months since I bought this drone and I am hoping that in the near future that I'll be able to continue using this drone and get amazing new shots.

I upload a lot of my shots to Dronestagram (Instagram for drone shots) and was lucky enough to have some of my shots found by the editor of RC Flight Camera Action, a new drone enthusiast magazine based out of the UK. I was lucky enough to be published in the September/October version of this magazine (Issue 7) and wrote a 4 page article about the photos that I was lucky enough to get published.

I'm hoping that my run of good luck will continue on and look forward to flying the drone as much as I can.